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Madison McCartha

is a multimedia artist and poet whose debut book-length poem, FREAKOPHONE WORLD is forthcoming from Inside the Castle in 2021. Their second book, THE CRYPTODRONE SEQUENCE, is forthcoming from Black Ocean. Madison is a PhD student at UC Santa Cruz, and tweets @madisonmccartha. 

hiding in a gem a germ
cryptodrone feels but cannot say
an I a loss degenerates
if I gets inside—
a war wetting eye golds
where cryptodrone begins & ends
if I a bomb enter an emerald-

exit you love eliminate to speak
a weird a vector marches through / the I

already a country fastens to measure
the many tensions a police-thread a glamour
surveying from its agate—
my initials destroy / enter & seek
if I in the stop-keep begin to feel understand?
if an inside extracts a threat / a self
from one arrested listening in
the dark goings
go / the try anyway...
from an exit light you
unequal is / begins

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