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Broken Marble

feed hush text/image up to 10 pages/pieces/etc

feed hush sound/video/etc up to 10 minutes

feed hush

To submit, please visit the masthead page and send your work to the editor you feel is the best fit for your work. All editor emails are listed on the masthead page. No pressure--if the editor you send it to decides your work best fits with another editor, we will forward it to them.

If you have something that you feel fits our mission on our "about" page but does not fall into the parameters above, shoot one of us an email with a description of the work and why you think it's a good fit for hush


If you have a piece that's longer than the guidelines listed above, send a sample that fits our desired length, along with a description of the rest of the work. We might ask to take a look at the rest of the work or to publish the sample as is.

Please, no previously published work. Simultaneous submissions are totally cool as long as you let us know if and when they are picked up elsewhere.

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