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Hunter Lewinski


riverbed; the fact
of the corpsed stag:

         strange archipelago
as I sit


so sonority in-
sinuates itself;

              so distance darkens


in networked burrows
by small rodents,

the whole earth
      a piping organ,
      broken stanza—
my life,



my slow ear, lowering
to the ground in measures
gelid & patient, but

belated; fumbling
after the decaying reverberations
of a downward-turning
  coda, sotto voce:

   tremor of soil
as the ground adjusts



as a clearing of trees
                                  (is to [=])
              messages from deep space;

I proceed as if through
a column of fog—
which is to say, by forgetting
my way back



pausing in a glade, an indeterminate
point along the line,
the echoes having not yet returned:

how far does my voice travel from myself

& how to calculate the velocity
             of the responding utterance?



Georg Cantor in a footnote to remarks delivered at a meeting of the Gesellschaft

Deutscher Naturforscher und Aerzte, September 1883, on the existence of actual infinities:

“Apart from the journey which strives to be carried out in the imagination [Phantasie] or in dreams, I say that a solid ground and base as well as a smooth path are absolutely necessary for secure traveling or wandering, a path which never breaks off, but one which must be and remain passable wherever the journey leads.”


advancing, through stone & night,
brush & storm, camphor & burn;
              leaf-mouthed, I am myself unfound

among the gloom-technicians,
plotting strange coordinates in
the dark, late. Transmitting our
location to you now; please advise.


*Quoted by Joseph Warren Dauben in Georg Cantor: His Mathematics and Philosophy of the Infinite
(Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1990), 127.

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